Learn what others are doing to make lifestyles more sustainable! More than 80 practices that promote environmental sustainability, health, and contribute to health equity in the EU European Union (European Union) have been brought together in INHERIT’s promising practices database. It shows sustainable ways to action in the way we live, move and consume which encourage behaviour and lifestyle change. These examples will help those interested in such initiatives to explore and build on existing work.


INHERIT is an EU European Union (European Union)-funded initiative developing scenarios and stimulating effective interventions for a more sustainable future. The purpose of the INHERIT database is to provide an online resource of promising practices that encourage people to adopt behaviours that contribute to environmental sustainability, to better health and to reducing health inequalities.

Dutch initiatives

RIVM has gathered the relevant Dutch promising practices for the INHERIT database. The database includes 15 Dutch initiatives addressing the INHERIT areas of: living (green space, housing), moving (active transport) and consuming (food).

Through participation in INHERIT, RIVM contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 3, 10, 11, 12, 17.