To date, Monday 2 March, eight new patients have been reported to RIVM. This brings the total number of positive tests in the Netherlands to 18. Almost all new persons diagnosed with the novel coronavirus are people who have been in Northern Italy or family contacts of a previous patient. If the source of the patient's infection is still unknown, this is also investigated.

The Municipal Public Health Services (GGD’s) are conducting contact investigations. All contacts are monitored by the GGD for 14 days after their last contact with the patient and must monitor their health and inform the GGD. Also, family contacts are asked to stay at home and have as little physical contact with other people as possible. If any symptoms occur, the contacts are tested.

Admission stop ICU Maasstad Hospital

One of the patients was in intensive care at Maasstad Hospital. As a precautionary measure, the hospital has now set up a partial admission stop for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This means that no new patients are admitted to this department. The hospital remains open. The hospital and the GGD track down the patient's contacts (visitors and caretakers) and check whether they have any symptoms. All contacts of patients who have a cold or fever are asked to stay at home. If necessary, they are tested.

Information for editors

From Monday 2 March onwards, RIVM will provide one daily update with new developments concerning the novel coronavirus. In the meantime, if there are special developments, we will report them.