In October, many people will receive a new invitation to get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine protects people who, because of their age or medical condition, are more likely to become ill or seriously ill from flu. People can get the flu vaccine from their general practitioner (GP).

For many people, flu is a fairly harmless virus. People aged 60 and over and people with certain medical conditions are especially at risk of becoming seriously ill. The flu vaccine offers the best protection against flu. As a result of the flu vaccine, people have an average of 40% less chance of hospitalisation. The vaccine also reduces the risk of them infecting others. If people do get flu, they become less ill. 

Flu vaccine for pregnant people 

Flu can also make newborn babies very ill. For this reason, people who have been pregnant for 22 weeks or more in the period from 15 October 2023 until 1 March 2024 can also get the flu vaccine. This way, they will protect both themselves and their baby against flu. 
Pregnant people can make an appointment to get the flu vaccine with their Well-Baby Clinic. They can combine this with an appointment for the 22-week vaccination against pertussis (whooping cough). It is safe to have both vaccinations at once. The midwife or gynaecologist will remind pregnant people of this vaccination and is able to answer questions about it. 

Pneumococcal disease vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine 

In addition to the invitation to get the flu vaccine, people aged 63 to 66 will also receive an invitation from their GP for a free pneumococcal disease vaccine this autumn. This vaccine protects against diseases caused by pneumococci, such as pneumonia. People can often get this vaccine at the same time as the flu vaccine. Those who receive an invitation to get the flu vaccine can also get a COVID-19 vaccine. People aged 60 and over will receive an invitation for this from RIVM. From mid-October, people aged 18 to 59 will be able to make an appointment for this themselves at or by calling 0800-7070.