The first invitations to make an appointment for a COVID-19 booster vaccination will be received from 18 November on. The invitation is for people aged 80 years and older. This group involves approximately 740,000 vaccinations. They can make an appointment for vaccination by the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs) by telephone or via

Older age groups first

The booster vaccination contributes to longer-lasting high protection. This is primarily important for people whose protection from vaccination is waning, thus increasing the risk of serious illness. The older age groups are the most vulnerable. Protection after vaccination is already somewhat lower in older people. They were also the first to receive a vaccine, and will now also be the first to receive the booster jab. A booster vaccination will only be administered if the last vaccination was given at least six months ago, since the effect will be greatest after that interval. 

Not everyone in the group over 80 years old will be invited at once. About 55,000 invitations will be sent out every day. People will be invited in order from old to young.

People in residential institutions

People living in residential institutions will receive the booster vaccination in the institution itself. They will start at the end of November. In residential facilities and care institutions, the booster vaccination will be offered simultaneously to all adult residents, regardless of age. It is also possible for people living in residential institutions to be vaccinated at a GGD vaccination site.  People living in residential institutions who are under 18 are not eligible for a booster vaccination.

mRNA vaccines

The booster dose will be administered with mRNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer). It does not matter which vaccine was received before. It is not possible to choose which vaccine.