The National Heat Plan became active in the Netherlands on June 30th. This means that it is necessary to take preventive health measures for vulnerable groups. Moreover, everyone should be cautious for sunburn, because the UV index is 7 and above in the coming days.

Continuing heat

Until Saturday, it will be sunny and warm with only a slight chance of rain and temperatures rising to about 36 degrees on Saturday. Also in the evening and at night it will be hot and the temperature is not expected to drop below 20 degrees. Also this week, ozone smog is expected which can lead to respiratory complaints. Continued warm weather poses a health risk to certain groups of people. Especially elderly people in nursing homes, the chronically ill, people with respiratory problems and overweight people are at risk.

Measures against sun and heat

  • Sufficient drinking
  • Thin clothing that offers protection against sunburn
  • Use of sunscreen
  • Stay in the shade
  • Limit physical exertion in the afternoon, avoid strenuous activity
  • Keep your house cool by timely use of curtains, blinds, fan or air conditioning. Keep the windows closed while the room is cooler than it is outside and open windows at night when the air is cooler
  • The Red Cross calls on everyone to keep an eye on vulnerable people in your vicinity, and will provide help if necessary

Tips and advice

For tips, advice or questions about your health, please contact municipal public health services (GGD). The Red Cross also shares advice on their website and in social media as long as the heat persists. The Red Cross informs its volunteers and they are encouraged to distribute heat tips as much as possible and will provide additional care where possible.