The Dutch Reporting centre for adverse effects of medical implants (MEBI) received 162 reports of suspected adverse effects of implants. The notifications were linked to 181 implants. The total number of adverse effects reported was 842. This is shown in the Annual Report 2018 of the Reporting centre for adverse effects of medical implants.

An implant is a medical device that is placed inside the body for a prolonged period of time, for medical or cosmetic reasons. Like medicines, implants can have adverse effects. At MEBI patients and health care providers can report health problems suspected to be associated with an implant. This way, MEBI facilitates early detection of implant adverse effects.

Implants and health complaints

The majority of reports concerned health complaints related to breast implants. Reports on knee or hip implants completed the top 3. The most frequently mentioned health complaint was fatigue, followed by loss of personal independence with daily activities and (joint) pain.


In 2018 MEBI published two notifications, based on received reports. MEBI uses notifications to warn health care providers, the public (and patients) of possible adverse effects of an implant. In 2018 there was a notification about a gastric band and an alert about an IUD (copper spiral).

Breast implants

As in 2017, most reports were on health problems associated with breast implants. MEBI evaluates every (new) report on breast implants and keeps a close eye on all reported health problems. So far, there was no reason to issue a notification or alert about the reported health problems. MEBI continues to monitor breast implant research closely.

Limited number of reports

The number of people who reported health problems was 162. Of these, 151 came from patients and 11 from health care providers. The youngest patient that reported health problems was 22 years old, the oldest 84. The number of reports that came in during the start-up phase from the MEBI is still limited. Now that MEBI has been settled properly, RIVM is working on raising awareness for the Reporting centre.