Bakje met optreknaalden coronavaccinatie

As of today, RIVM is recalling the fill needles made by MLS/Sol-Millenium Europe as a precaution, following a safety alert from the supplier. This applies to the SOL-M™ Blunt Fill Needle (REF 110022, LOT 05103013). 

The recall is being carried out as a precaution due to a quality aspect. When using this fill needle, there is an extremely small risk that particles from the rubber cap of the vial could come loose and be sucked into the injection syringe. The risk that these particles would then enter the body through the injection syringe during vaccination is very small. Even if that did happen, there would be no health consequences.

RIVM is informing the implementing organisations of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign today. RIVM will provide replacement needles so that the current vaccination campaign can continue. The fill needles will be collected from the implementing organisations by RIVM.