To type Noroviruses, several new tools and databases have been developed during the last couple of years.

Molecular epidemiology database

Norovirus sequences can be searched and compared to new sequences at the norovirus molecular epidemiology database (members only, see 'membership' at mainpage).

A version of the database with public access to a subset of the data, including the sequences, is also available.

Sequence typing tool

Norovirus sequences can be compared to a reference set in the sequence typing tool to type the virus.
See 'sequence typing tool' for a link to the tool and information on:

  • reference set updates
  • a small introduction
  • the genotyping process in three steps
  • regions used for typing. 

Transmission mode distinguishing tool

In order to increase the success-rate of identifying a food-borne source of infection, a transmission mode distinguishing tool was built based on data from the joint database as part of a publication.


In the future we will continue to develop new tools to facilitate detection and analysis of norovirus outbreaks.