By requesting a version of SPADE.RIVM, this agreement will come into effect with respect to copyright, disclaimer and additional conditions as included hereafter in this document.


The copyright of SPADE.RIVM is owned by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)/ State of the Netherlands.

Together with the SPADE program, data on food consumption data from DNFCS 2012-2016 is provided. This is only intended to practice with SPADE (e.g. the exercises in the manual). The DNFCS data may not be used otherwise or published. The copyright of these data is owned by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)/State of the Netherlands. An application form to request DNFCS data can be downloaded through


SPADE is developed with great care by RIVM. RIVM accepts no claims for any direct or indirect damage, including financial loss, caused by any errors in the program or by misuse or misinterpretation of the program and the results produced by the program

Additional Conditions


The user or user group is required to register name, affiliation and e-mail address. Optional other relevant characteristics are registered.
The user is not authorized to forward the hyperlink that is provided to download SPADE.RIVM to any other person or organization. The user is also not authorized to forward the downloaded to any other person or organization. Each user needs to register individually by filling in the application form. In this way, every registered person will receive the SPADE newsletter and the announcements of new versions.


SPADE may be used for publications by  stating at least the version number and source (SPADE.RIVM version 3.1) and a reference to the following manuscript
Dekkers ALM, Verkaik-Kloosterman J, van Rossum CTM, Ocké MC. SPADE, a new statistical program to estimate habitual dietary intake from multiple food sources and dietary supplements. J of Nutr. 2014, October 15,


RIVM does not charge users for downloading and using SPADE version 4.1. The users is not allowed to charge (end)users for the use of SPADE version 4.1.

New edition of SPADE

When the next version of SPADE is released users will be notified by e-mail. The e-mail address as provided on the registration form will be used. In case of changes in this e-mail address, please send an e-mail to
It is recommended to replace the current version of SPADE as soon a new version becomes available. Otherwise, check on whether you are still working with the most recent version.
Inform on shortcomings or errors.
RIVM provides SPADE version for free to all interested users. Much work has gone into the development of SPADE. We do hope that you as user appreciate and respect this. We ask users, in case of any unforeseen errors or shortcomings to inform RIVM through