On February 4th 2014, PAN Europe released the report ‘A Poisonous Injection – How industry tries to water down the risk assessment of pesticide mixtures in everyday food’. In this report, PAN Europe signals a well planned and orchestrated attempt of industry to undermine international policies meant to evaluate the toxicity of chemicals mixtures. In addition, PAN Europe presents a network of industry-linked scientific experts thought to be involved in this strategy, based on their active roles, expressed opinions and/or (public) statements,  including 3 employees of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

After a constructive dialogue with RIVM, PAN Europe hereby wishes to nuance some of the statements in the report ‘A Poisonous Injection’ by declaring that:

  • PAN Europe does no longer doubt the personal and scientific integrity of RIVM employees mentioned in the report, and has no evidence for any conflict of interest regarding these employees
  • PAN Europe has no evidence that RIVM employees participated actively in an industry-driven strategy to undermine policies meant to evaluate the toxicity of chemicals mixtures
  • PAN Europe recognizes the general right of scientific experts to express their personal expert opinion in discussions and consultations with industry and other stakeholders and acknowledges that these opinions can be in line with industry's point of view.


Hans Muilerman, Chemicals Coordinator PAN Europe