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Cellular and humoral immunity after infection with B. pertussis. The role of age, antigen and vaccination history

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Attention for Lyme prevention: educational tools to prevent tick bites and Lyme borreliosis

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Flexible working practices: how employees can reap the benefits for engagement and performance

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In search of healthy aging: the willingness of older adults to receive vaccination

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Biotic interactions and trait-based ecosystem functioning in soil

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On the use of food supplements: potential adverse effects

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Developing solution-focused sustainability assessments

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Research for policy

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Environmental exposure modeling of nanoparticles

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Citizen science for health in all policies: engaging communities in knowledge development

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The pursuit of user-friendly medicines: older people in the hot seat

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Trials and tribulations: studies on the fate, transparency and efficiency of clinical drug trials

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Tick-borne diseases: opening Pandora's box

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Alternative sources of Legionella bacteria