Issue four of our quarterly newsletter features news and background information on public health and the environment from the Netherlands. We also inform you about the activities carried out by RIVM.

landschap met lanbouwgrond en bebouwing op de achtergrond

In this issue:

  • Higher mortality during heatwave July 
  • Smog alarm July 
  • Boys will also be vaccinated against the HPV virus in the Netherlands 
  • Nitrogen Action Programme  
  • People themselves are the main source of ESBL Antibiotic Resistance 
  • Strategic Research Agenda EJP One Health published 
  • Hyalomma-tick found in the Netherlands 
  • Climate adaptation 
  • New data on greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions 
  • A guide for the safe reuse of diaper and incontinence materials 
  • Strategic Programme RIVM 2019 – 2022 online 
  • Activities on Circular Economy 
  • EuroHealthNet Information Guide ‘Financing Health Promoting Services’

Newsletter issue 4 is available online 

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