Joram started his PhD at the RIVM in September 2015. He works on the project “Modelling risk perception, human behavior and impact of national vaccination programme” (MORPHINE), under supervision of Anna Lugnér, Jacco Wallinga, Ardine de Wit and Aura Timen. The project focuses on the effects of the individual vaccine-related choices on the public health. We want to understand how individuals decide to accept or refuse vaccination, and how this decision is influenced by attitudes towards vaccination of members in their social contact network. Results of this model generate input for cost-effectiveness analyses to support policy making.

Joram Hoogink


Joram Hoogink obtained his master’s degree in Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences (Utrecht University) in June 2015. He wrote a thesis, under supervision of professor Eijkemans at the Julius Centre (UMC), about the use of a left-truncated time to pregnancy model for the prediction of natural conception in a population of subfertile couples. His current project, MORPHINE, perfectly combines his passion for statistical models with his personal interest for health and knowledge about human behaviour (graduated in Social Works (2009) and Criminology (2013)).