Please have a look at the programme for the Policy Conference, where key issues and recommendations that resulted from the NANoREG and ProSafe projects will be presented and discussed.

A summary of the most important issues is given in the storyline which accompanied the invitation to the Policy Conference.

The recommendations, which have been formulated in the ProSafe White Paper, have been summarized and elaborated with an explanation of the scientific and policy context and relevance. To enable an efficient and structured discussion, two questions will serve as a connecting thread during the Policy Conference:

  • Are there any actions, initiatives and ideas in your country (nationally or in international cooperation) that are linked to one or more recommendations?
  • Are there any national initiatives to address nanomaterials that are not directly linked to one of the recommendations?

The document with elaborated recommendations and the –connecting thread- questions can be found here.

These issues and recommendations, relevant to future-proof approaches, were identified first in the publications assembled in a special issue of NanoImpact. For participants of the Policy Conference a condensed paper has been prepared which serves as a reader's guide of the special issue.

For information or questions on the Policy Conference please contact the Project Office (mailto