The major challenges in the field of public health and health services call for an integrated approach at local, national and international levels. RIVM’s Centre for Public Health, Healthcare and Society (VZM) participates in a large network of knowledge partners and experts. Together, the network partners try to address issues with societal relevance. What is the state of public health in this country – not just today, but also 20 to 50 years from now? What steps do we need to take in terms of policy and implementation? What types of innovations are required in healthcare? On this page, you can read more about VZM’s work.

Focus areas

Our publications present a clear view of public health and health services – whether you need statistics on the total number of COPD patients, an overall picture per region or comprehensive insight into the future of our public health and health services. Our strength is our ability to monitor progress and developments in policies surrounding public health and their effects.

Some of our focus areas:

Who is it for?

We provide access to research results and publish them through a variety of channels (including online).  VZM mainly advises policymakers at government ministries and municipalities. Other recipients of advice include knowledge partners, professionals and fellow scientists in the public health and health services sectors and elsewhere.

Who do we work with?

VZM works with universities and other knowledge partners in the Netherlands and abroad. The societal relevance of our work is manifest in our participation in a large network of umbrella organisations, professional associations, government bodies, consumers’ and patients’ groups and other civil-society organisations.

Who are we?

The head of the centre is Arjan Bos.

The Centre consists of five departments, each with its own department head:

  • Health Economics  and Health Services Research – Dirk-Jan de Leede
  • Public Health Foresight  – Birgitte Blatter
  • Population Health and Health Services Research – Ilse Storm
  • Regional Health and Healthcare – Arnold Peters
  • Health Information – Katia Witte