14 April 2020 | 14:00 PM

Hospital admissions for 210 patients were reported today (current or previous). 122 deaths were reported. Not all of the hospital admissions or deaths occurred within the last 24 hours. Some patients are reported later. For this reason, the figures are often supplemented with data from previous days.

27,419 confirmed COVID-19 patients have been reported to RIVM so far.

The figures for the last few days are still in line with the impression that COVID-19 spreading slower than if no measures had been taken. Since not all COVID-19 patients are tested, the actual numbers in the Netherlands are higher than the numbers stated in the report.

More tests have been carried out since April 6. The expansion of testing is intended for patients at high risk of severe illness from a coronavirus infection, and for healthcare workers in hospitals and in other contexts. That includes general practitioners, nursing home employees, care providers working with disabled people, or home care employees who have symptoms. (link) Policy on testing for coronavirus in the Netherlands
28% of the confirmed COVID-19 patients reported to RIVM are known to be healthcare workers. The relatively high percentage of healthcare workers among patients with COVID-19 is explained by the fact that the testing policy is partly focused on this professional group.  

The age distribution and the male/female ratio amongst care workers is different from that of other COVID-19 patients. Of all reported healthcare workers with COVID-19, half are 44 years and younger, and 81% are women. Looking at the other patients, half are 72 years and up, and 48% are women.

The following charts show the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients per age group for both healthcare workers and other patients. The blue line shows the number of men and the purple line shows the number of women.