This course explains the fundamentals of working safely in the laboratory and focuses on core requirements for biosafety as described in the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual 4th edition (LBM4). The course consists of 10 modules.

Each module introduces a separate topic. Modules 2-10 are followed by a quiz. The quiz scores and numbers of attempts are recorded. Modules are organized in a logical sequence, however, they can be accessed in any order. You can stop learning at any point and resume the course later.

The course is developed for all staff (e.g. laboratory technicians, students, biosafety officers) working in laboratories dealing with biological materials, such as clinical, public health or research laboratories. If you are enrolled in a training program, please check your program requirements to see which modules you should complete.

To enroll you need to create a free account: Course: Online course Fundamentals on Laboratory Biosafety (English)

Russian language version can be found here: Основы биобезопасности в лабораториях  (Russian)