This animation explains how to cope in hot weather or a heatwave and watch out for symptoms of heat-related illness.


In this animation video a voice-over explains about the risks involved with a heatwave and which measures people can take to reduce those risks. The voice-over text is supported with matching images.

VOICE-OVER: "It is hot in the Netherlands. Nice? Not for everyone. If you are elderly or have a chronic disease, then heat may even pose a health risk to you. This also applies to people who are overweight, people who cannot take care of themselves properly and small children.

Complaints due to heat can vary widely. For example, it can lead to fatigue, itching or headaches. Worse symptoms are dehydration, exhaustion or a heat stroke which may even lead to death. Take simple measures to avoid overheating.

- Drink enough, even if you are not thirsty.
- Keep your body cool; take it easy and stay in the shade.
- Keep your home cool, use blinds and provide ventilation.
- Take care of each other. Pay special attention to people in your neighbourhood who could use your help during a heatwave.

Want to learn more about health risks and measures to be taken?"


The logo of The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment - Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport appears.