People can be exposed to harmful substances after a major fire, accident, attack or another type of incident. Governments and citizens want to know the risks associated with such events and whether adequate measures have been taken. RIVM Environmental Incident Service supports regional and local authorities and helps organisations, such as the police and fire brigade, to answer such questions.

Independent assessment

As an independent unit, the Environmental Incident Service monitors the extent and dispersal of hazardous substances, assesses whether people have been exposed and the potential risk to human health and the environment. This information is used by the authorities in deciding whether measures that are often taken directly after an incident are still applicable, or need to be changed or discontinued.

Highly trained experts

The Environmental Incident Service has specialised knowledge and skills. The highly trained team is equipped with mobile laboratories containing advanced equipment to rapidly monitor, collect and analyse air, water and soil samples at a disaster site. If necessary, samples can be analysed by one of the specialised laboratories in the Netherlands that are combined with RIVM in a Laboratory Network.

The Environmental Incident Service is on call 24/7 and responds to incidents and disasters in the Netherlands and also in other countries.