Antimicrobial Resistance Manure Intervention Strategies

In the Netherlands and other countries, more and more animal manure is processed before it is applied to the land, for example with composting. In the ARMIS project, RIVM is investigating together with international partners to what extent these manure processing techniques can also reduce antibiotic resistance.

Measurements in Canada, Romania, Germany and the Netherlands are used to measure and model antibiotic resistance emissions from manure and manure processing installations. ARMIS also looks at the risks that people are exposed to: how large are the risks, how are they seen through the eyes of those involved and how can the risks be clearly communicated. The project has started in 2018 and will run until 2021. 


ARAMIS is a project supported by the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance, JPIAMR. This global collaborative organisation has engaged 27 nations to curb antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with a One Health approach.

RIVM role

Dr Doctor (Doctor ) H. Schmitt of RIVM is the project leader of ARAMIS.