European Union Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring System

The European Union Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring System (EUPASMOS) is a two-year project jointly funded by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Sport grant for Collaborative Partnerships, and participating European Union Member States. The project started in January 2018 and ran until December 2019.

The EUPASMOS project aimed to implement a harmonised physical activity and sport monitoring system, through the development of an integrated and shared methodological process that has provided comparable, valid and reliable physical activity and sport participation data across EU European Union (European Union) Member States. This supports the Member States, the European Commission, the WHO and other relevant organisations in the design, promotion, implementation and surveillance of effective, evidence-based HEPA and sport policies and strategies across Europe and different governance levels. 

Twelve Member States have participated in the project, namely Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. RIVM represented the Netherlands in this project.