Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Preparing Europe for future pandemics

PANDEM-2 aims to increase and strengthen preparedness for and response to future pandemics. In that context, sharing information and collaborating are very important in order to protect the health and safety of people across the European Union.

The goal of PANDEM-2 is to prepare Europe for future pandemics through innovations in training and to build capacity between EU European Union (European Union) member states to respond to pandemics on a cross-border basis.

The PANDEM-2 consortium consists of 19 partner organisations with expertise in technology, research, public health and pandemic management from across the EU.

RIVM role

RIVM, in close collaboration with Radboud University Medical Centre, represents one of the key end-users of the software tools developed during PANDEM-2. RIVM will provide input on the various work packages and is involved in the development of training exercises for pandemic managers and first responders. RIVM will assess the needs, feasibility and practicality of the software tools for national, regional and local stakeholders. In addition, RIVM will have a major role in the development of the resource planning system, in which we will use our previous expertise and knowledge gained during the AsiaFluCap project and other international projects.

RIVM colleague involved: Mart Stein.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 883285.