Sustainable Nanotechnologies

SUN was the first project addressing the entire lifecycle of nanotechnologies to ensure holistic nanosafety evaluation and incorporate the results into tools and guidelines for sustainable manufacturing, easily accessible by industries, regulators and other stakeholders. The project incorporated scientific findings from over 30 European projects, national and international research programmes and transatlantic co-operations and developed:

  • methods and tools to predict nanomaterials exposure and effects on humans and ecosystems
  • implementable processes to reduce hazard and exposure to nanomaterials in different lifecycle stages,
  • innovative technological solutions for risk management in industrial settings
  • guidance on best practices for securing both nano-manufacturing processes and nanomaterials ultimate fate, including development of approaches for safe disposal and recycling

SUN took an integrated approach for the long-term sustainability of nanotechnologies through the development of safe processes for production, use and end-of-life processing of nanomaterials and products, as well as methods reducing both adverse effects and exposure to acceptable levels. SUN ran from October 2013 until March 2017. A summary of the project results is available.


SUN received funding from the European Union 7th Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 603405.