Transgender symbool

Since October 2022, is it has become easier for transgender and intersex persons to take part in cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening. Transgender and intersex persons with a uterus and/or breast tissue can register with Bevolkingsonderzoek Nederland. They only need to register there once. They will then be automatically invited to take part in both screening programmes.

Until recently, only persons registered as female in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) were automatically invited to these cancer screenings. Transgender and intersex persons not identified as female on their ID needed to personally contact a doctor to arrange a screening. This has changed. Now, they only need to register once with Bevolkingsonderzoek Nederland. They are then automatically invited to these screenings. This means the population screenings now provide more equal treatment and have become more accessible, regardless of registered sex. 

Nothing has changed for the colorectal cancer population screening programme. All persons aged 55 to 75 are automatically invited to take part in this screening programme. For this screening, it does not matter what a person’s registered sex is.

More information about the procedure for taking part in population screenings

This leaflet gives more information about the target groups and the procedure. On the website of the Bevolkingsonderzoek Nederland, you can find a registration form and answers to frequently asked questions (the form and FAQ are only available in Dutch).