medische implantaten

Chromium-6 from medical implants, such as hip or knee implants, does not result in severe health damage. This was the conclusion of a RIVM literature study commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

Chromium-6 may be released in the body if an implant comes into contact with bodily fluids around the implant. For the most part, chromium-6 then turns into the less harmful chromium-3. A small amount of chromium-6 may enter the blood and spread throughout the body. There are no indications that this results in health damage.

Slightly greater chance of metal allergy

People with an implant containing chrome have a slightly greater chance of developing a metal allergy. This has been shown by several studies. This almost never happens and does not result in severe complaints. There may be an allergic reaction near the implant, such as eczema. The implant may also cause irritation or inflammation. These complaints are unrelated to chromium-6.