RIVM advises residents of the province of Noord-Brabant to limit their social contacts if they have a cold, cough or a fever. This means: stay at home. To determine how the virus is spreading in this province, RIVM will start random sampling on Saturday.

The source of infection of the majority of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients in the Netherlands is known. Most patients have been in Italy, or have had contact with a confirmed patient. Of the patients for whom no source is known or is still being investigated, the majority come from Brabant or have a link with this province. To determine to what extent the virus is spreading in the province, RIVM will start sampling for the novel coronavirus on Saturday 7 March.

RIVM asks people living in Noord-Brabant with a cold, who have a cough or a fever, to avoid their social contacts as much as possible. For example, work at home, do not visit others or go to places where many people gather. If you have complaints and still want to leave the house, try to keep as much distance from others as possible. This reduces the chance of you spreading the virus unnoticed. Only call your GP if your symptoms get worse.