People in the Netherlands who cannot get a booster with an mRNA vaccine for medical reasons, or do not want an mRNA vaccine as a booster, can make an appointment for a booster vaccination with Janssen from Wednesday 23 March on. 

Since a booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine provides better protection, the preference is to use an mRNA vaccine as a booster if non-medical reasons are involved. In addition, an mRNA vaccine is preferable, because the Janssen vaccine can cause a very rare but serious side-effect known as TTS.

It is important for people to receive the best possible protection from serious illness and death due to COVID-19. For that reason, the Janssen booster will also be made available in non-medical cases, the minister decided last Friday. Informed consent will be used to ensure that people can make a decision after carefully considering the available information. 

Making an appointment for voluntary Janssen booster

From 23 March on, it is possible to make an appointment by calling 0800-1295. The Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs) will start administering the vaccinations on 25 March at a limited number of locations.