In the 2023 autumn round, more than 2,731,000 people in the Netherlands received a COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccination coverage for people over 60 is currently 50.5%. Vaccination coverage varies by age group and region. COVID-19 vaccination was available until 22 December 2023. This round was specifically recommended for people aged 60 years and older; people aged 18 years and older who were also eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine; other children and adults with severe health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe COVID-19; care workers who have contact with patients and/or clients; and pregnant people.

Vaccination coverage in 2023 autumn round by age group and region

Vaccination coverage among over-60s was lowest for people aged 60–64 (31.8%) and highest for people aged 80–84 (64.0%). From week 44 on, there was a rapid increase in vaccination coverage in the age group of 75–79 years. For the age group of 70–74 years, a similar increase started in week 46. People aged 70–79 received the invitation for the COVID-19 vaccination a bit later than the other age groups. In some municipalities in the provinces of Friesland and Overijssel, vaccination coverage is somewhat lower than expected based on previous vaccination rounds. It is important to evaluate which factors influenced vaccination coverage.

Comparing vaccination coverage in 2022 and 2023 autumn round

Vaccination coverage among over-60s was 8.5% lower in the 2023 autumn round, compared to the 2022 autumn round (vaccination coverage report, 3 January 2023). The differences between age groups reflect the same trends as in 2022: in 2022, vaccination coverage was also lowest among people aged 60–64 and highest among people aged 75–79 and 80–84.

The autumn round in 2023 did not start on exactly the same date as in the previous year: 19 September 2022 compared to 2 October 2023. In addition, the 2022 autumn round did not have an official end date, while COVID-19 vaccination was available until late December 2023 in that year’s autumn round. In 2022, the group of people aged 18–60 years who were eligible for the seasonal flu vaccine received a personal invitation for COVID-19 vaccination by the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs) through their GP. This represents another difference: in the 2023 autumn round, the seasonal flu vaccine group was mainly reached through more general media campaigns.

COVID-19 vaccination in 2024

COVID-19 vaccination is still available for pregnant people and for adults and children in medical high-risk groups who are referred by their treating physician to get a COVID-19 vaccination. This vaccination contributes to protection against severe illness due to COVID-19. This is reflected in the results of research on COVID-19 hospital and ICU admissions based on vaccination status.