Moeder en dochter op weg naar covid-19 vaccinatie bij de GGD

Vaccination coverage in the Netherlands rose more sharply this week than in previous weeks, increasing to 81.7% among people aged 18 years and older and 79.0% among those aged 12 years and older. From this week on, people who had one jab after previously having COVID-19 will now be counted in vaccination coverage figures for full vaccination.

Until recently, these people were only counted in the category of ‘turnout for first vaccination’, because they had received a single vaccination. As of this week, new data from GGD-GHOR  is available that provides insight into the group of people who are younger than 80 years old, have not been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine, and had previously had COVID-19 before their first vaccination. This final descriptor refers to people who tested positive for COVID-19 in the test lanes operated by the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs) more than 8 weeks prior to their first and only vaccination and/or people who self-reported having previously had COVID-19 when they came to their vaccination appointment. This group of people are considered fully vaccinated and are now also counted in these figures. As a result, the national vaccination coverage rate for people aged 18 years and older increased by 4.2% this week, including the increase due to extra vaccinations administered last week.

The number of first and second doses given in Europe is reported on the ECDC website. Like Estonia, the Netherlands now includes people who have previously had COVID-19 in its national reports. ECDC reports do not yet use this method. This will mean that the vaccination figures as reported by RIVM will be somewhat higher than the European figures for the Netherlands.

Total figures

By Sunday 12 September, it is estimated that 23.3 million vaccinations had been administered in the Netherlands. 12.7 million of those were first vaccinations, and 10.6 million were second vaccinations. It is estimated that 85.6% of all people over 18 have received a first vaccination, and 81.7% are fully vaccinated. Looking at all people over 12 years old, 83.1% have received a first vaccination, and 79.0% are fully vaccinated.