RIVM has conducted a market surveillance study of 26 so-called non-permanent fillers. All 26 products proved to be harmless.

Dermal fillers, or just fillers, are products that are injected into or under the skin for medical or cosmetic purposes. This could be to restore the natural contours of the body after an operation for example, but also to mask the visible effects of ageing.

RIVM has compiled an overview of 26 so-called non-permanent fillers that were marketed in the Netherlands in 2014 and has analysed these products in a laboratory. All 26 products of 14 manufacturers proved to be harmless. To establish this, an internationally recognised laboratory test that measures harmful effects on cells was carried out. The composition of the products complies with the description in the technical files.

The technical files of the 14 manufacturers of these products were also investigated. With a complete and correct file, the manufacturers substantiate the safety of the product for the patient. In two cases, this substantiation is incomplete. According to the treating professionals, the products from the 14 manufacturers cause very few side effects.