The visual 'Breast Cancer Screening process flow'  informs about the different steps in the breast cancer screening process on Saba.

The Breast Cancer Screening process flow informs about the different steps in the screening process.

Step 1:
Invitation & Intake Women age 50-75 will be invited by phone to participate in the breast cancer screening program. The participant will be invited for an intake at Saba Cares. During intake the participant will receive an information folder and letter and will have to sign an informed consent. It is necessary for the participant to bring a passport and ID to the appointment. The participant will be provided with the date of screening.

Step 2:
On the day of screening the participant has to be at the airport at 08:00 AM and brings the screening letter, passport and ID card. After check-in the participant will be transported to Sint Maarten by charter flight. After arrival on Sint Maarten a taxi will transport the participant to Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC). At SMMC the participant will check-in at the helpdesk/IPO. The participant will have the mammo appointment. After the appointment at 02:00 PM the taxi will transport the participant to the airport for the flight back to Saba.

Step 3:
Results & Follow Up Saba Cares or GP coordinator gives results.
In case of abnormality, there will be a medical referral to SMMC.
If results are OK, new invitation after 2 years.

Need to reschedule?
Rescheduling intake appointment at Saba Cares 1 day in advance
Rescheduling screening appointment at hospital 1 week in advance