ScreenIT has been designed for the Dutch population screening programmes for cervical, breast and colorectal cancer. This ICT system supports the primary screening process.

The screening process starts with loading data from the Personal Records Database (BRP). After that, invitations are sent to the target group. ScreenIT can also organise the planning and the results of the possible (follow-up) diagnostics.
ScreenIT is the ICT system for the entire chain in the screening process. This chain consists of, among others, screening organisations, laboratories, general practitioners, medical specialists and pathologists. The ICT system enables all chain partners to exchange information quickly. The participants will also receive the results of the screening promptly.

RIVM tendered ScreenIT for the Centre for Population Screening. The facilities company of the National Screening Cooperation (FSB) is now the owner of the system. ScreenIT was developed with public funds. Policy of the Dutch Government is to make software developed for the government publicly available.  This is one of the reasons why RIVM and FSB want the source code of the ScreenIT software to be publicly available also. In other words, make the source code available via Open Source. This allows other countries to replicate the system and use it for their population screening programmes. It can also serve as an example for other multidisciplinary (care) chains. In addition, RIVM hopes ScreenIT will create a level playing field for IT companies. More companies can then participate in future tenders for the management and maintenance of ScreenIT.

The source code of ScreenIT have been available on GitHub since the beginning of this month. GitHub is an online platform on which software source code is published.