Title Authors Reportnumber
Update on the transport of toxic example substances (Dutch report, English synopsis) van de Ven, M.F. ; Stam, G. 2018-0152
Advice on Setting up a Validation and Innovation Point for Asbestos (Dutch report, English synopsis) Gunnarsdottir, S. ; Dousi, S. ; van Engelen, J. 2019-0117
Agricultural practices and water quality on farms registered for derogation in 2017 Lukacs, S. ; Blokland, P.W. ; Prins, H. ; Vrijhoef, A. ; Fraters, D. ; Daatselaar, C.H.G. 2019-0026
Amendments for CNOSSOS-EU European Union (European Union). Description of issues and proposed solutions Kok, A. ; van Beek, A. 2019-0023
Amsterdam's Green Infrastructure. Valuing Nature's Contributions to People Paulin, M. ; Remme, R. ; de Nijs, T. 2019-0021
An improved method of crisis response evaluation. Better learning from crises Manuel, H.J. ; Aarts, H.J.M. ; de Jonge, R. ; Kuipers, E. ; Schol, L.G.C. ; van Steenbergen, J.E. ; Uijt de Haag, P.A.M. 2018-0035
Analysis of incidents involving hazardous substances at large companies 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Manuel, H.J. ; Kooi, E.S. ; Mud, M. ; Wolting, B. 2019-0054
Occupational accidents involving temporary and permanent workers: an exploration of the causes (Dutch report, English synopsis) Lammers, M. ; Manuel, H.J. ; Mud, M. ; du Pon, Y. 2019-0119
Assessment of recycling of diapers and incontinence materials. Step-by-step plan and risk assessment framework for potential risks of substances and pathogens in products (Dutch report, English synopsis) Lijzen, J.P.A. ; van der Grinten, E. ; van Drongelen, A.W. ; Moermond, C.T.A. ; Venhuis, B.J. 2019-0111
Pesticides and residents. Summary report on exposure and possible health effects (Dutch report, English synopsis) Montforts, M.H.M.M. ; Bodar, C.W.M. ; Smit, C.E. ; Wezenbeek, J.M. ; Rietveld, A.G. 2019-0052
Bionanotechnology - an initial survey (Dutch report, English synopsis) Oomen, A.G. ; van der Vlugt, C.J.B. ; van Broekhuizen, F.A. ; van Kesteren, P.C.E. ; van Rijn, C.P.E. ; Westra, J. 2019-0001
Consumer exposure to chromium-6 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wijnhoven, S.W.P. ; Brand, W. ; Groothuis, F.A. ; Herremans, J. 2019-0035
Chemical composition of fifty fuel oil samples 2017-2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Broekman, M.H. 2018-0097
Contra-expertise on the determination of radioactivity in waste water and ventilation air of COVRA N.V. Period 2017 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kwakman, P.J.M. 2019-0125
Contra-expertise on the determination of radioactivity of waste water and ventilation air of the Borssele nuclear power plant. Period 2017 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kwakman, P.J.M. 2019-0126
Contra-expertise on the determination of radioactivity of waste water and ventilation air of NRG. Period 2017 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kwakman, P.J.M. 2019-0127
Contra-expertise on determination of radioactivity of waste water and ventilation air of Urenco Nederland B.V. Period 2017 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kwakman, P.J.M. 2019-0128
Cosmetovigilance in the Netherlands 2017-2018 Woutersen, M. 2019-0036
Creating safe and sustainable material loops in a circular economy. Proposal for a tiered modular framework to assess options for material recycling Quik, J.T.K. ; Lijzen, J.P.A. ; Spijker, J. 2018-0173
The impact of flooding on the supply of drinking water. Flooding based on the 2015 Delta Programme scenarios (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Leerdam, R.C. ; Dik, H.H.J. ; van der Aa, N.G.F.M. 2018-0171
The risks of using vinegar to control weeds and green deposits (Dutch report, English synopsis) Smit, C.E. ; Montforts, M.H.M.M. ; te Biesebeek, J.D. ; Komen, C.M.D. 2019-0198
Effects of the 2018 climate neutral and circular procurement initiative. Status quo after one year of pilots and learning networks (Dutch report, English synopsis) Zijp, M.C. ; van der Vliet, N. ; Dekker, E. ; Hollander, A. ; Zwart, M.H. ; de Valk, E.L. ; Quik, J.T.K. 2019-0051
Environmental monitoring in the vicinity of the Borssele nuclear power plant. Results 2018 Kwakman, P.J.M. 2018-0145
Environmental radioactivity in the Netherlands Results in 2016 Tanzi, C.P. 2018-0160
Environmental radioactivity in the Netherlands Results in 2017 Tanzi, C.P. 2019-0103
Experiences with drinking water restrictions abroad and an exploration of the options for the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Leerdam, R.C. 2019-0116
Gamma radiation level measurements around the site of COVRA N.V. at Borsele with the MONET network in 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Tanzi, C.P. 2019-0107
Use of diesel in onshore salt-mining activities in the Netherlands in relation to REACH (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Kort, M.J. ; Bakker, J. ; Nederveen, M. 2018-0177
Noise annoyance near airports in the Netherlands. Monitoring, surveys, and exposure-response relationships (Dutch report, English synopsis) Breugelmans, O. ; Houthuijs, D. ; van Kempen, E. 2019-0110
2018 Noise monitor. Measurement and validation of noise production by road traffic and railway traffic (Dutch report, English synopsis) Welkers, D. ; Bergmans, D. ; Joosten, E. ; den Hollander, H. 2019-0080
Impact of wood burning on the indoor environment (Dutch report, English synopsis) Mathijssen, E.A.M. ; Bogers, R.P. ; Rijs, K.J. 2018-0170
Health in the IJmond region (II). Monitoring medication use 2007-2015 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Houthuijs, D.J.M. ; Marra, M. ; de Vries, W.J. ; Aben, J.M.M. ; Swart, W.J.R. ; Schipper, C.M.A. 2019-0037
Environmental health guidelines for Municipal Public Health Services: Carbon monoxide in homes (Dutch report, English synopsis) Schoevaars-Lops, S.E. ; Fischer, P.H. ; Gram, J.T.M. ; Mikkers, J. ; Poelman, B. ; Simeonova, S.M. ; Selen, R.F.M. ; van der Helm, J.J.  2019-0130
Environmental health guidelines for Municipal Public Health Services: Environmental noise and health (Dutch report, English synopsis) Slob, M.J.A. ; van Ballegooij, M.C. ; Breugelmans, O. ; Esser, P. ; Groenewold , A.W. ; Janssen, I.E. ; Poelman, B. ; Schmidt, D. ; van de Weerdt, R. ; Woudenberg, F. ; van Overveld, A.J.P. 2019-0177
Greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands 1990-2017. National Inventory Report 2019 Ruyssenaars, P.G. ; Coenen, P.W.H.G. ; Zijlema, P.J. ; Arets, E.J.M.M. ; Baas, K. ; Dröge, R. ; Geilenkirchen, G. ; 't Hoen, M. ; Honig, E. ; van Huet, B. ; van Huis, E.P. ; Koch, W.W.R. ;  Lagerwerf, L.A. ; te Molder, R. ; Montfoort, J.A. ; Peek, C.J. ; Vonk, J. ; van Zanten, M.C. 2019-0020
Getting grip on Chemicals. Annual report Bureau REACH 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Beekman , M. ; Zweers, P.G.P.C. 2019-0047
Dutch Raw Materials Information System Project exploration (Dutch report, English synopsis) van der Maas, C.W.M. ; Ruyssenaars, P.G. ; Rijksen, E.J.T. 2019-0206
Large-scale concentration and deposition maps of the Netherland.s 2019 report (Dutch report, English synopsis) Hoogerbrugge, R. ; Geilenkirchen, G.P. ; den Hollander, H.A. ; van der Swaluw, E. ; Visser, S. ; de Vries, W.J. ; Wichink Kruit, R.J. 2019-0091
Guidance for the derivation of intervention values for emergency response planning (Dutch report, English synopsis) Geraets, L. ; Ruijten, M. ; Mahieu, K. ; Bos, P. 2019-0055
Cancer risk when adjusting the test values in the final assessment of asbestos remediation (Dutch report, English synopsis) Beetstra, R. 2019-0138
Indicative water quality standards for plant protection products Proposed standards for 28 active substances (Dutch report, English synopsis) Smit, C.E. ; Keijzers, R. 2019-0060
Informative Inventory Report 2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wever, D. ; Coenen, P.W.H.G. ; Dröge, R. ; Geilenkirchen, G.P. ; 't Hoen, M. ; Honig, E. ; Koch, W.W.R. ; Leekstra, A.J. ;  Lagerwerf, L.A. ; te Molder, R.A.B. ; Peek, C.J. ; Smeets, W.L.M. ; van der Sluis, S.M. ; Vonk, J. 2019-0016
Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Program Lelystad Airport. Proposal for noise beneath the routes, ultrafine particles, annoyance and health (Dutch report, English synopsis) Breugelmans, O.R.P. ; Bergmans, D. ; Voogt, M.H. ; van Kempen, E.E.M.M. ; Kok, A.Y. ; Weijers, E.P. ; Janssen-Stelder, B.M. 2019-0109
Investigation of the air quality around the landfill Sint Maarten 2019. Measurements and results of the MOD field visit in January 2019 Morgenstern, P. ; van Putten, E. ; Stolk, A. ; van Leeuwen, L. 2019-0056
Sustainable Public Procurement by the Dutch government and its effect in 2015-2016 (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Valk, E. ; Zijp, M.C. ; Dekker, E. ; Blokhuis, C. ; Hollander, A. 2019-0014
An overview of knowledge concerning diffuse lead contamination in the soil (Dutch report, English synopsis) Brand, E. ; Touchant, K. ; Van Holderbeke, M. ; Zeilmaker, M.J. ; van Keer, I. ; Geerts, L. ; Bierkens, J. ; Schouten, A.J. ; van Gestel, G. ; van Otte, P.F. 2019-0006
Knowledge scan of annoyance caused by aircraft noise (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Kempen, E.E.M.M. ; Simon, S.N. 2019-0096
Climate Accord: effects on health, safety and nature (Dutch report, English synopsis) van der Ree, J. ; Honig, E. ; Uijt de Haag, P.A.M. ; Kelfkens, G. ; van de Ven, M.F. 2019-0076
Agricultural practices and water quality at farms registered for derogation in 2017 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Lukács, S. ; Blokland, P.W. ; Prins, H. ; Vrijhoef, A. ; Fraters, D. ; Daatselaar, C.H.G. 2019-0025
Projected market demand and guaranteed supply of medical isotopes (Dutch report, English synopsis) Roobol, L.P. ; de Waard, I.R. 2019-0183
Projected market demand and guaranteed supply of medical isotopes (Dutch report, English synopsis) Roobol, L.P. ; de Waard, I.R. 2019-0101
Measurements, models and public experience. Improvement programme models (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Gruijter, D.G. ; Beezemer, A. ; Peeters, B. 2019-0057
Methoderapport gezondheidsindicatoren Schone Lucht Akkoord (Dutch report, English synopsis) Gerlofs-Nijland, M.E. ; Ruyssenaars, P.G. ; Marra, M. ; de Vries, W.J. ; Maas, R.J.M. ; Ameling, C.B. ; Houthuijs, D.J.M. ; Fischer, P.H. ; Wesseling, J.P. ; Swart, W.J.R. 2019-0209
Methodology for the calculation of emissions from product usage by consumers, construction and services Jansen, B.I. ; Meesters, J.A.J. ; Nijkamp, M.M. ; Koch, W.W.R. ; Dröge, R. 2019-0017
Methodology report on the calculation of emissions to air from the sectors Energy, Industry and Waste as used by the Dutch Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Peek, C.J. ; Montfoort, J.A. ; Dröge, R. ; Guis, B. ; Baas, K. ; van Huet, B. ; van Hunnik, O.R. ; van den Berghe, A.C.W.M. 2019-0018
Measurements and calculations of ultrafine particles originating from air traffic around Schiphol For research into the health of local residents (Dutch report, English synopsis) Voogt, M. ; Zandveld, P. ; Wesseling, J. ; Janssen, N. 2019-0074
Microplastic fibres from clothing Background report with potential measures (Dutch report, English synopsis) Zwart, M.H. ; de Valk, E.L. 2019-0013
Environmental Outlook Overijssel: Air quality, noise load and health (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Ruiter, H.R. ; van Wijnen, H.J. ; de Vries, W.J. ; Swart, W.J. 2018-0154
The monitoring of radioactive discharge from non-nuclear facilities (Dutch report, English synopsis) Brandhoff, P.N. ; Cats, K.H. 2019-0176
NSL 2019 monitoring report (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Smet, P.A.M. ; Visser, S. ; Valster, N.L. ; Schuch, W.J.L. ; Wesseling, J.P. ; van Hooydonk, P.R. ; van den Beld, W.A. ; Drukker, D. ; Groot Wassink , H. ; Sanders, A. 2019-0170
Research into the health effects of short-term exposure to ultrafine particles in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport (Dutch report, English synopsis) Janssen, N.A.H. ; Lammer, M. ; Maitland-van de Zee, A.H. ; van de Zee, S. ; Keuken, R. ; Blom, M. ; van den Bulk, P. ; van Dinther, D. ; Hoek, G. ; Kamstra, K. ; Meliefste, K. ; Oldenwenning, M. ; Boere, A.J.F. ; Cassee, F.R. ; Fischer, P.H. ; Gerlofs-Nijland, M.E. ; Houthuijs, D. 2019-0084
Research into possible long term effects of electromagnetic fields on the health of workers - update 2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Rijs, K.J. ; Stam, R. 2019-0010
Development of a Standard Heat Stress Test (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Nijs, T. ; Bosch, P. ; Brand, E. ; Heusinkveld, B. ; van der Hoeven, F. ; Jacobs, C. ; Klok, L. ; Kluck, J. ; Koekoek, A. ; Koopmans, S. ; van Nieuwaal, K. ; Ronda, R. ; Steeneveld, G. 2019-0008
Radiation exposure optimisation: CT scans (Dutch report, English synopsis) Boudewijns, L.H.A. ; de Waard, I.R. 2019-0174
PAS Nitrogen Monitoring Report 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Marra, W. ; van Pul, A. ; Wichink Kruit, R. ; Lagerwerf, L. ; Berkhout, H. 2018-0144
Per- en polyfluoroalkyl verbindingen (PFAS'en) in voedselcontactmaterialen (Dutch report, English synopsis) Bokkers, B.G.H. ; van de Ven, B. ; Janssen, P. ; Bil, W. ; van Broekhuizen, F. ; Zeilmaker, M. ; Oomen, A.G. 2018-0181
Monitoring compliance with the Dutch Plastic Pact, the Baseline Measurement (2017-2018) (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Bruggen, A.R. ; Dekker, E. ; Waaijers-van der Loop, S.L. 2019-0211
Potential health risks of nanomaterials in food: a methodology to identify signals and prioritise risks Brand, W. ; van Kesteren, P.C.E. ; Oomen, A.G. 2019-0191
Potential radiation burden after the death of patients treated with radioactive substances (Dutch report, English synopsis) Siegersma, D ; van Dillen, T. ; de Waard, I.R. ; Boudewijns, L.H.A. 2019-0165
Recent developments in medical radiation applications. Ionising radiation update 2018/2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Boudewijns, L.H.A. ; de Waard, I.R. 2019-0129
Regelgeving conventionele en radioactieve afvalstoffen: vergelijking van begrippen en voorschriften (Dutch report, English synopsis) Goemans, P. ; van der Schaaf, M. ; Folkertsma, E. 2018-0138
Review of Evidence Relating to Environmental Noise Exposure and Annoyance, Sleep Disturbance, Cardio-Vascular and Metabolic Health Outcomes in the Context of the Interdepartmental Group on Costs and Benefits Noise Subject Group (IGCB(N)) van Kamp, I. ; van Kempen, E.E.M.M. ; Simon, S.N. ; Baliatsas, C. 2019-0088
Review on butylparaben: exposure, toxicity and risk assessment. With a focus on endocrine disrupting properties and cumulative risk assessment Hessel, E.V.S. ; Boon, P.E. ; den Braver-Sewradj, S.P. ; Meesters, J.A.J. ; Weda, M. ; Brand, W. 2018-0161
Risk assessment of vanadium in and under cycling paths in Drenthe (Dutch report, English synopsis) Brand, E. ; Janssen, P.J.C.M. 2019-0012
Risk-driven supervision and enforcement: ranking undesirable events in the soil management chain (Dutch report, English synopsis) Swartjes, F.A. ; Kok, L. ; Vercruijsse, W. ; Dekker, E. 2019-0105
Soil risk limits for the use of soil and dredging spoil containing PFAS for arable farming and livestock breeding (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wintersen, A.M. ; Römkens, P.F.A.M. ; Rietstra, R.P.J.J. ; Zeilmaker, M.J. ; Bokkers, B.G.H. ; Swartjes, F.A. 2019-0068
Risk limits for GenX (HFPO-DA) for soil and groundwater (Dutch report, English synopsis) Rutgers, M. ; Brand, E. ; Janssen, P.J.C.M. ; Marinkovic, M. ; Muller, J.J.A. ; Oomen, A.G. ; Otte, P.F. ; Swartjes, F.A. ; Verbruggen, E.M.J. 2019-0027
SatGCN Pilot study on the use of satellite measurements in the GCN map of nitrogen dioxide in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) Swart, D.P.J. ; Sauter, F.J. ; Velders, G.J. ; Eskes, H. ; Douros, J. ; Schaap, M. ; Kranenburg, R. 2018-0178
Radiation level measurements around the site of Borssele nuclear power plant in 2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Tanzi, C.P. 2019-0108
TEEB City Tool Updating and further development (Dutch report, English synopsis) Does, B. ; Remme, R. ; de Nijs, T. 2019-0011
Interim evaluation of the Dutch plant protection policy (memorandum 'Healthy Crops, Sustainable Harvest'). Subproject Environment (Dutch report, English synopsis) Verschoor, A. ; Zwartkruis, J. ; Hoogsteen, M. ; Scheepmaker, J. ; de Jong, F. ; van der Knaap, Y. ; Leendertse, P. ; Boeke, S. ; Vijftigschild, R. ; Kruijne, R. ; Tamis, W. 2019-0044
Evaporation of substances from a synthetic turf field with rubber granulate during a very hot day Indicative measurements (Dutch report, English synopsis) Hagens, W.I. ; ter Burg, W. ; van Esburg, A.L.N. 2019-0041
Moving from habituation towards recognition (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Kampen, J. ; Sol, V. ; Manuel, H.J. ; Mud, M. 2018-0172
Exploration of the exposure to electromagnetic fields from 5G systems Small cells and massive MIMO (Dutch report, English synopsis) Stam, R. ; Bolte, J.F.B. ; Pruppers, M.J.M. ; Robijns, J.J. ; Kamer, J. ; Colussi, L.C. 2019-0214
Survey of the environmental aspects of the activities that fall within the scope of the State Supervision of Mines (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kelfkens, G. ; van der Ree, J. 2018-0162
GenX substances in the environment in the Netherlands. Measurement data 2013-2018 (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Kort, M.J. ; de Jong, C.J. ; Ng-A-Tham, J.E.E. ; Verhoeven, J.K. ; Boon, P.E. ; Verschoor, A.J. 2019-0083
Fifteen years of incident analysis. Causes, consequences, and other characteristics of incidents with hazardous substances during the 2004-2018 period (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kooi, E.S. ; Manuel, H.J. ; Mud, M. 2019-0042
Measurement, calculation and perception of aircraft noise. An exploration of wishes and development options (Dutch report, English synopsis) Smetsers, R.C.G.M. ; Siegmund, P.C. ; Houthuijs, D.J.M. ; Hogenhuis, R.H. ; Heblij, S.J. ; Devilee, J.L.A. ; Breugelmans, O.R.P. ; Beintema, J.A. 2019-0201
Substances of Very High Concern in a circular manufacturing industry (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Kuppevelt, M.A. ; Klingenberg, A. 2019-0123
UV-index action plan. Version 2019 (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Dijk, A. ; Hagens, W. ; Slaper, H. ; Boekema, M. 2019-0078