Title Authors Reportnumber
An overview of mycotoxins relevant for the food and feed supply chain: using a novel literature screening method van den Brand, A.D. ; Bulder, A.S. 2019-0223
Physical Activity Guidelines and Weekly Sport Participation From questionnaire to figures (Dutch report, English synopsis) Wendel-Vos, W. ; van den Berg, S. ; Duijvestijn, M. ; de Hollander, E. 2019-0237
Combined exposure to nitrate and nitrite via food and drinking water in The Netherlands Sprong,  R.C. ; van den Brand,  A.D. ; van der Aa,  N.G.F.M. ; van de Ven,  B.M. ; Bulder,  A.S. 2020-0003
Cumulative dietary exposure to pesticides in the Netherlands  Boon,  P.E. ; van Donkersgoed,  G. ; van der Velde-Koerts,  T. ; Rietveld,  A.G.   2020-0147
Further development of national ambulance plan for ambulance services 2020 (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kommer, G.J.rivm ; Over, E.A.B.rivm ; Engelfriet, P. ; Mohnen, S.M.rivm ; Mulder, M. ; van den Berg, P.L. 2020-009
Do the Dutch eat and drink according to the Wheel of Five?  : Results of the Dutch National Food consumption Survey 2012-2016  (Dutch report, English synopsis) Schuurman,  R.W.C. ; Beukers,  M.H. ; van Rossum,  C.T.M. 2020-0082
Banning price promotions on sugar-sweetened beverages: indications for effectiveness. A literature study into the effectiveness of banning price promotions, marketing, and advertising (Dutch report, English synopsis) Steenbergen, E. ; Nawijn, E. ; Hendriksen, M. 2020-0086
Healthier in primary school: school lunches and more physical exercise : An study into societal support, feasibility, affordability and impact    (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Giessen,  A. ; Oosterhoff,  M. ; Hoekstra,  J. ; Over,  E.A.B. ; Joore,  M.A. ; van Schayck,  O.C.P. ; Willeboordse,  M. ; Dijkstra,  S.C. ; Seidell,  J.C. ; van Kleef,  E. ; Soethoudt,  H. ; Vingerhoeds,  M.A.   2020-0161
Health and workforce participation of persons nearing the state pension (AOW) age Projections until 2040 (Dutch report, English synopsis) van der Noordt, M.; van der Lucht, F. ; Polder, J.J. ; Hilderink, H.B.M. ; Plasmans, M.H.D. 2019-0219
Health effects and social benefits of healthcare Quantitative preliminary study at the request of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Part 2: social benefits of healthcare (Dutch report, English synopsis) Polder, J.J. ; Hoekstra, J. ; Vonk, R.A.A. 2020-0060
Bundled payments in Dutch maternity care: insight in experiences after three years and early effects on healthcare utilization, spending and health outcomes (Dutch report, English synopsis)   2020-0124
Inventory of crop protection applicable in the cultivation of cannabis within the framework of the Experiment with a closed coffee shop chain  (Dutch report, English synopsis) Mahieu, C.M ; te Biesebeek, J.D. ; Graven, C. 2019-0232
Medication incidents as a result of user-unfriendly IT-systems (Dutch report, English synopsis) Weda, M. ; Brummelhuis, W. ; Wattel, A. ; Cornet, R. ; Peute, L. 2020-0067
Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol - Initial study of effectiveness, implementation aspects, and scenarios for price policies in the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) de Wit, G.A. ; Visscher, K. ; van Gelder, N. ; van Gils, P.F. ; Voogt, C. 2020-0063
Monitoring the physical activity, sports participation, and sitting behaviour of the Dutch population with objective measuring methods (Dutch report, English synopsis) Loyen, A. ; Duijvestijn, M. ; de Hollander, E.L. 2020-0053
Adverse health effects and diseases caused by chromium-6 Update of the scientific literature and risk assessment with regard to laryngeal cancer at the POMS sites (Dutch report, English synopsis) Hessel, E.V.S. ; den Braver, S. ; Ezendam, J.; Staal, Y.C.M. ; Piersma, A.H. ; Palmen, N.G.M. ; van de Weijgert, V. ; ter Burg, W. 2020-0019
Adverse health effects and diseases caused by chromium-6 Update of the scientific literature and risk assessment with regard to laryngeal cancer at the tROM site (Dutch report, English synopsis) Hessel, E.V.S.; den Braver, S. ; Ezendam, J. ; Staal, Y.C.M. ; Piersma, A.H. ; Palmen, N.G.M. ; van de Weijgert, V. ; ter Burg, W. 2020-0021
Persistent organic pollutants in human milk in the Netherlands Zeilmaker, M.J. ; Moermond, C.T.A. ; Brandon, E.; Hoogerhuis, P. ; Razenberg, L. ; Janssen, M.P.M. 2020-0025
Quick-scan instrument for early detection of occupational diseases caused by hazardous substances: exploration of possibilities and preconditions (Dutch report, English synopsis) Visser, M. ; Palmen, N. 2020-0055
National ambulance plan for distribution and availability of ambulance care 2020  (Dutch report, English synopsis) Kommer,  G.J. ; Engelfriet,  P. ; Over,  E. ; de Bruin-Kooistra,  M. ; Mohnen,  S.M. 2020-0122
Risk assessment of Argyreia nervosa Chen, W. ; de Wit-Bos, L. 2019-0210
Risk assessment of caffeine in food supplements Buijtenhuijs, D.W. ; Beukers, M.H. ; van Donkersgoed, G. ; de Wit, L. 2020-0022
Risk assessment of propyl gallate in water-based vitamin D supplements intended for infants and young children Razenberg, L. ; Sprong, R.C. 2019-0217
State of Zoonoses 2019  (Dutch report, English synopsis) Vlaanderen,  F. ; Cuperus,  T. ; Keur,  I. ; De Rosa,  M. ; Rozendaal,  H. ; Friesema,  I. ; van der Poel,  W. ; Franz,  E. ; Maassen,  K.   2020-0130
Sugar tax: a comparison between three European countries. Design and effects of a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, with considerations for the Netherlands (Dutch report, English synopsis) Vellinga, R. ; Steenbergen, E. ; Nawijn, E. ; van Bakel, M. 2020-0112
The diet of the Dutch  : Results of the Dutch National Food Consumption Survey 2012-2016 (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Rossum,  C.T.M. ; Buurma-Rethans,  E.J.M.( ; Dinnissen,  C.S. ; Beukers,  M.H. ; Brants,  H.A.M. ; Ocke,  M.C. 2020-0083
Health care expenditures foresight 2015-2060 Quantitative preliminary study at the request of the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Part 1: future projections (Dutch report, English synopsis) Vonk, R.A.A. ; Hilderink, H.B.M. ; Plasmans, M.H.D ; Kommer, G.J. ; Polder, J.J. 2020-0059
Feasibility study into implementing the Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) (Dutch report, English synopsis) Hitzert, M.F. ; de Vries, C.G.J.C.A. ; Hoebee, B. ; Klein, A.W. ; Labots, O.; van der Weide, W.E. ; Wieringa, J. 2019-0221
Feasibility study into adding Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) to the newborn blood spot screening (Dutch report, English synopsis) Heijnen,  M.L. ; Jansen,  M. ; van Gorp,  A.G.M. ; Hillen,  D. ; Elsinghorst,  E. ; Klein,  A.( 2020-0105
Assessment of the e-health monitor: a portrayal of the digital transition in the healthcare sector (Dutch report, English synopsis) Schnoor, K. ; Wouters, M.J.M. ; Ossendorp, B.C. ; Hoogerhuis, P.M. ; Suijkerbuijk, A.W.M. 2020-0090
Feasibility study into the expansion of the breast cancer screening program with supplemental MRI  for women with extremely dense breast tissue (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Sonderen,  J.F. ; van Kerkhof,  L.W.M. ; van Klink-de Kruijff,  I.E. ; Jansen,  M.E. ; Lock,  A.J.J. ; Klein,  A.W. ; Kallendorf,  B.G.  2020-0114
Vitamin K prophylaxis in newborns. Policy preparation analysis (Dutch report, English synopsis) Verkaik-Kloosterman, J ; de Jong, M.H. 2020-0054
NPA progress report (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Giessen, A. ; Boer, J. ; van Gestel, I. ; Douma, E. ; du Pon, E. ; Blokstra, A. ; Koopman, N. 2020-0104
 Occupational health care for self-employed persons : An exploration of the possibilities for linking occupational health care to the mandatory occupational disability insurance (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Oostrom, S. ; Bas, S. ; Proper, K. ; Oomkens, R. ; Grimmius, T. 2020-0187
Knowing More: A Better Start : Better and faster collaboration to improve maternity care (Dutch report, English synopsis) Achterberg, P.W. ; Harbers, M.M. ; Post, N.A.M. ; Visscher, K. 2020-0140
The effectiveness of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) on health and participation : A literature study (Dutch report, English synopsis) Loef, B. ; van Oostrom, S. ; Proper, K. 2020-0182
Impact of the first wave of COVID-19 on regular healthcare and health : Assessment of the extent of the problem and first estimation of the health effects (Dutch report, English synopsis) van Giessen, A ; de Wit, A. ; van den Brink, C. ; Degeling, K. ; Deuning, C. ; Eeuwijk, J ; van den Ende, C. ; van Gestel, I ; Gijsen, R. ; van Gils, P. ; IJzerman, M. ; de Kok, I. ; Kommer, G.J. ; Kregting, L. ; Over, E. ; Rotteveel, A. ; Schreuder, K. ; Stadhouders, N. ; Suijkerbuijk, A. 2020-0183
Opportunities and risks of home DNA tests (Dutch report, English synopsis) Rigter, T. ; Jansen, M.E. ; van Klink-de Kruijff, I.E. ; Onstwedder, S.M. 2020-0196
Microbial cleaning products: an inventory of products, potential risks and applicable regulatory frameworks Razenberg, L. ; Buijtenhuijs, D. ; Graven, C. ; de Jonge, R. ; Wezenbeek, J. 2020-0160