Modelling infectious diseases

Research at the Modelling of Infectious Diseases unit addresses questions of public health relevance. The unit assesses the degree of protection of the general population against outbreaks of vaccine-preventable infections, and conducts scenario analyses to inform the national pandemic preparedness plans. It reports to public health policy-makers at the ministries and to the Netherlands Health Council.

Cross-disciplinary nature of modelling

Answering public health questions often requires the development of new methods. Most projects aimed at developing these methods are funded by external sources. Focus areas include:

  • the use of social contact data in infectious disease models
  • the combination of molecular data of pathogens and case notification data, to unravel possible transmission routes in the population.

The development of such methods helps us quantify the impact of control measures on the transmission of pathogens.

In each modelling project, we collaborate with epidemiologists, microbiologists and other experts in the relevant themes of the RIVM’s research on infectious diseases.

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