Dr Doctor (Doctor) Erik Tielemans (1970) is head of the Centre for Safety of Substances and Products at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Chemicals and the application of biotechnology are important pillars of our prosperity. With scientific knowledge and advice, I like to contribute to a system that detects and prevents negative effects for people and the environment at an early stage.

Erik Tielemans

Erik studied Environmental Hygiene at the Agricultural University of Wageningen. In 1999 he obtained his PhD as an environmental epidemiologist at Utrecht University. Erik then worked at various locations within TNO, both in the role of researcher and line manager. Topics in the field of labour, the environment and health were always central issues in his work.

In 2015 Erik continued his career at RIVM and started as head of research & innovation at the center of environmental quality. Both the technological and social innovation of environmental monitoring was a central task in this function. During this period, Erik was also co-initiator of the Data and Knowledge Hub Healthy Urban Living. The main aim was to work together with residents and other social partners on solutions for a healthy urban living environment. In 2020, Erik led the RIVM-wide program local & regional work that focused on collaboration with regional parties.

In 2021, Erik made the switch to the position of head of the Centre for Safety of Substances and Products. This center investigates how to safely deal with chemical substances and biotechnological applications and new technologies.

In 2018/2019 Erik Tielemans did the Interdepartmental Management Course (IML) of the Dutch School of Public Administration (NSOB) and Berenschot.


E-mail: info@rivm.nl


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