Dr Doctor (Doctor). Mark Montforts (1967) senior policy officer at the Center for Safety of Substances and Products.

Our society uses chemicals. Science contributes to its safe and sustainable use. That may be complex, but it should not be complicated to explain. Only then our knowledge serves policy makers and citizens.

Mark Montforts studied environmental science (1991) and biology (1992) at Utrecht University. He then worked there at the Science Shop Biology and as a lecturer at the faculties of Chemistry and Biology, and joined RIVM in 1993 for research into risks of biocides and plant protection products for the environment. He was involved in the development of methods for the environmental risk assessment, including those of (veterinary) medicines. He earned his PhD in environmental risk assessment at Leiden University (2005). Mark Montforts is a European Registered Toxicologist and a SETAC Europe Certified Environmental Risk. The role of the environment in the development and spreading of antimicrobial resistance has his special interest.

At the RIVM, he advises the ministries on the use of scientific knowledge in the policy. He was the coordinator of the Dutch research on pesticides and residents in 2014-2019. He chairs the OECD Working Party on Biocides since 2022.


  • Dealing with risks - risk governance
  • Pesticides
  • (Veterinary) medicines
  • Antimicrobial resistance in the environment
  • Participation of stakeholders


E-mail: vsp-secretariaat@rivm.nl