The additional positions of Mark Montforts, senior policy officer at the Center for Safety of Substances and Products.

Current additional positions

  • Member (vice-chair) of an independent scientific advisory committee on a study funded by the European Pesticide Manufacturers Association (ECPA) and conducted by the UK Institute for Occupational Medicine.
  • Ad hoc reviewer for scientific journals and for research proposals for research programs.
  • Guest editor and member of the review editorial board of Frontiers in Antimicrobials, Resistance and Chemotherapy.
  • Chain of the OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Expert Group on Pesticide Risk Indicators
  • Chair of the OECD Expert Group on Claim Development for Treated Articles.

Other additional positions

  • Chair of the National Platform for the Assessment of Higher Tier Studies (2003-2010)
  • Member of EFSA European Food Safety Authority PPR Plant Protection products and their Residues panel (2006-2009):
    • Chair of the Opinion on Pore Water working group
    • Chair of the Opinion on the FOCUS Air Report working group
    • Chair of the Ecoregions working group
    • Chair of the Emissions from Greenhouses working group
    • Co-rapporteur of the Opinion on Protection Goals
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Open Law Journal (2009-2011)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Lung Foundations (until May 2013) and by extension a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the IMI Innovative Medicines Initiative project UBIOPRED that researches difficult asthma (until the end of 2014)
  • Advisor to the Health Council Committee "Disinfectants and Resistance", in 2015-2016
  • Observer in the Health Council Committee on 'Permissibility of new forms of corpse delivery', in 2019-2020