To support other nanosafety projects in logging their experimental data in a comparable and harmonised way, these templates have been made available for general use.

There are three sets of templates (physical chemical characterisation, mammalian toxicology in vitro and mammalian toxicology in vivo); each set consists of a series of excel workbooks named according to the endpoint they address, as per the OECD list or other relevant endpoints. Within the workbook, the different sheets are used to describe the technique(s)/assay(s) (in case there are more than one) that can contribute to address that given endpoint. Each assay / technique is described by the essential experimental parameters that are considered to satisfactory describe an assay/technique. Furthermore, these parameters, if considered with the referenced SOP, will allow the full comparison of the data.

Data are to be logged, and therefore to be recorded while performing the experiments, under the section "Experimental parameters" that is in every excel sheet.

General information on the use of the NANoREG ISA-TAB-Nano templates is available.

If not indicated otherwise, the information in the NANoREG Results Repository is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Information on “commercial use” and attribution can be found here.