The Centre for Environmental Quality provides reliable information on the quality of our environment. We conduct independent scientific research, with which we create a current impression of the physical environmental quality. We provide tailored information through a variety of avenues: recommendations, direct data delivery, websites and interactive apps. This allows us to contribute to the plans of governments aimed at creating a sustainable and healthy living environment. We work to ensure that our clients and society can understand our knowledge and insights.

The Centre for Environmental Quality focuses on the environmental quality of the air, water and soil, and also on noise. The core focus is providing reliable information on environmental quality in the Netherlands. Generating data is the basis for our work, which we do by measuring, calculating, modelling and analysing. We provide our data in an accessible way. We devote significant attention to innovation, and closely follow developments in measuring and modelling methods.

The national challenges for creating a sustainable and healthy living environment are increasingly trickling down to the local and regional level, so we are expanding our knowledge support to the regional level. We also participate in international networks, to strengthen our scientific reputation and our expertise, and to remain involved in international developments in the field of environmental quality.

The Centre for Environmental Quality is led by J.H. (Joost) Damen


  • Nitrogen
  • Noise and vibrations
  • Water quality
  • Air quality
  • Soil quality
  • Environmental measurement networks
  • Emissions registration
  • Measure together





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