The centre carries out microbiological research, specific patient and epidemiological diagnostics of infectious diseases, and all laboratory analyses on human infectious diseases. 

Patient diagnostics covers specialised diagnostics for which facilities are not available in other laboratories. Epidemiological diagnostics are carried out in the event of an outbreak of a notifiable infectious disease, antibiotic resistant microorganisms and other pathogenic microorganisms that are a potential risk to human health.

This information enables laboratory surveillance to gain insight into trends in pathogens circulating in the human population. The centre supports other laboratories in the Netherlands in the control and prevention of infectious diseases, for example, by developing rapid diagnostic methods for microorganisms. Applied research and pathogen surveillance are carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of the National Immunisation Programme.

The centre organises and manages the national network of diagnostic reference laboratories and has reference tasks for measles, rubella, polio, tuberculosis, enteral viruses. The centre’s knowledge and information is used to support Community Health Services and the national government.

Head of centre: Dr Doctor (Doctor). A.W.M. Anton van Weert

Key expertise

  • Virology
  • Bacteriology
  • Parasitology