The fields of information provision, research methods and data are undergoing rapid transformation. For knowledge-producing government institutions like RIVM, which are increasingly working with data, staying up to date is essential. The role of the Information Services unit is to address the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

Knowledgeable, innovative, reliable and agile

The Information Services unit works not only for RIVM, but also for a number of the government’s other knowledge institutions, including the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and the three planning agencies. We support these clients’ primary processes in terms of ICT infrastructure, office automation, systems development, application management, geographic information systems, data logistics, research methods and data services. Throughout all this, we are knowledgeable, innovative, reliable and agile and work closely with our clients at all times. This way, we contribute to their continuing success and social impact.

Together, we facilitate the generation of future knowledge

Information Services possesses a unique combination of knowledge about research methods, information processes and the various innovative information technologies on the market. This allows us to support our clients’ information provision activities, both now and in the future.