This video explains how you can participate in the cervical cancer screening programme with the self sampling device.

Video instructions self-sampling device cervical cancer screening

VOICE-OVER: 'Instructions for using the self-sampling test kit. The self-sampling test kit is a reliable way to collect cells from your vagina to be tested for HPV. This is the virus than can cause cervical cancer.'

'Read the instructions carefully before you begin. Take your time when using the self-sampling advice.
There are a few things you should know in advance:
The self-sampling test kit is for personal use only. The bar code label is linked to your personal details.
The self-sampling test kit is provided in sterile packaging.
Do not take the swab stick out of the container until immediately before use and take care not to touch the tip.
Do not use during menstruation or in the event of abnormal bleeding or pelvic pain.
Do not use while pregnant or during the six weeks after giving birth.
Are you being treated by a gynaecologist? Contact your doctor about using the self-sampling test kit.
The self-sampling test kit can only be used once. Reuse may result in contamination or an incorrect result.'

'How to collect the sample:
Wash your hands with soap and dry them. (A WOMAN WASHES HER HANDS WITH SOAP)
Assume a comfortable position, for example like when inserting a tampon. You can use the self-sampling test kit seated, standing up or lying down.
Hold the container with one hand and use the other hand to remove the blue strip. (A WOMAN REMOVES THE BLUE STRIP)
Unscrew the cap and pull it off the container. Keep the container. You will need it later.
Hold the swab stick with two fingers by placing them on the red mark. The mark shows how far to insert the swab stick. This is far enough to take a good sample.
Spread your labia with one hand. Use the other hand to insert the swab stick until your fingers touch your vagina. Take care not to insert the swab stick into the urethra.
Rotate the swab stick inside your vagina for 20 seconds. The swab stick does not need to touch the vagina walls or cervix. After rotating for 20 seconds, there is sufficient material on the swab stick.
Remove the swab stick from your vagina, taking care not to touch the tip. Put the swab stick back inside the container. Push the cap onto the container until you feel it click.
Put the closed container in the plastic holder. The holder is in the clear plastic bag with the blue edge. The white absorption cloth must remain in the plastic bag. Seal the bag properly.
Put the bag with the container in the return envelope.
Return the self-sampling test kit in the return envelope within one week. In the meantime, you can keep it at room temperature at home. It does not need to be refrigerated. A stamp is not required.'

'Do you have a question about self-sampling that is not answered in the instructions? Contact the Centre for Population Screening at'

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