On this page, you will find information in English, Arabic and Turkish on the cervical cancer screening programme. If you are between 30 and 60 years old, you will receive an invitation for screening every five years. It will be sent sometime around your birthday. 

Every year, around 800 women in the Netherlands learn they have cervical cancer and about 200 women die from the disease. Thanks to the screening, the preliminary stages of cervical cancer can be detected early. In most cases, a preliminary stage of cervical cancer can be successfully treated. Treatment can prevent the development of cervical cancer.

Animation of cervicalcancerscreening

Click here to watch the video about the cervical cancer screening programme.

Do you have questions about your invitation, how the screening works, the self-collection kit or other practical matters? Please contact the Centre for Population Screening (Bevolkingsonderzoek Nederland) via www.bevolkingsonderzoeknederland.nl/contact.

Do you have questions about our policy, deciding whether or not to take part, or other questions about the screening? Please send an e-mail to cvb@rivm.nl.


You will find the invitation letter here.

You will find the invitation leaflet here.
This leaflet is sent to you along with the invitation letter.

You will find the results leaflet here.
You will receive this leaflet if you need to schedule a check-up with your GP or see the gynaecologist for a follow-up examination.