InfAct (Information for Action!)

The Joint Action on Health Information InfAct built on the BRIDGE Health project and other initiatives in health information. Through country collaboration, InfAct streamlined health information activities across Europe. It built toward a sustainable and solid infrastructure of EU European Union (European Union) health information and strengthened its core elements based on capacity building, health information tools and political support. 

The project was launched in March 2018 and completed in 2021. It included 40 partners in 28 European and associated countries.

RIVM role

RIVM researchers contributed to several tasks and work packages:

  • task lead business plan for a Distributed Infrastructure on Population Health (DIPoH)
  • task lead for a future proof set of  European Core Health Indicators (ECHI)
  • task lead catalogue health information projects and networks
  • member of ESFRI road map writer group
  • member work package  ‘Health Information Portal’ (resulted in the EU Health Information Portal
  • member of work package  ‘domain-specific networks’
  • member of the InfAct Steering Committee

Information on all InfAct outcomes is available on the InfAct website.

Work continues

InfAct's work continues primarily through the European project Population health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI). The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how crucial and relevant InfAct's objectives were and how our network contributes to combatting COVID-19. 


InfAct has received funding from the European Union's Health Programme (2014-2020).