There is a great variety in the international activities of RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment . Our work responds to what is needed in the various areas of our fields of expertise and the national tasks we perform within those areas. Some areas can be characterised by international coordination and regulation. In other areas, it is essential to receive international funding to increase our knowledge base. Harmonisation across Europe is of key importance in some areas.

Consequently, we have many different international roles. We are active advisors in committees and expert groups, participate in project consortia, work on the basis of bilateral agreements or coordinate knowledge development and policy support in joint European programmes. In some cases, we act as a Reference Laboratory. Through the Partnership Programme between the Netherlands and the World Health Organization (WHO), we host 9  of the 17 WHO Collaborating Centres.

Our international ambition allows room for making smart choices in our international commitments, depending on the nature of our national tasks. To ensure that our international work and national tasks and activities are aligned as good as possible, we have close contact with our most important commissioning ministries about individual opportunities, contacts, incoming and outgoing missions and overall ambition. 

Some examples of EU agencies and multilateral organisations in which RIVMNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment experts play a role are EFSA, ECDC, WHO, OESO, REACH.