What does the National Node do?

The focus of the National Node on Health Information is on the coordination of knowledge and expertise in the field of international health data and their use. The Node has the following tasks:

a) Processes

The National Node on Health Information

  • offers an overview of internationally relevant data sources and indicator sets in the field of public health and care
  • keeps track of data and information requests to Dutch Institutions by international organisations.
  • prepares timelines and planning & control cycles for routine data and information requests by international organisations.
  • shows important developments regarding international classifications and data standards.
  • provides an overview of the most relevant international gatherings, commissions and projects for public health and care.

b) Coordination and alignment

The National Node may coordinate and facilitate within the Dutch field:

  • discussions about international comparisons of health in the Netherlands.
  • discussions about data (use) issues, shared by Dutch institutions, in need of solutions.
  • requests from international organisations that require multi-institutional expertise.

c) Detection

The National Node sends out a signal to policy makers if Dutch health data no longer fulfil - or are in danger of no longer fulfilling - the international need and vice versa.

d) Visibility

The National Node promotes the use and visibility of international data and comparisons in the field of health and care, to the benefit of the Dutch data landscape and Dutch policies. The above tasks can be extended in the future.