In 2023, 295 individuals reported one or more suspected side effects of implants to RIVM’s Dutch Reporting Centre for Adverse Effects of Medical Implants (MEBI).

The majority of reports (72%), as in previous years, were related to breast implants, followed by reports about copper intrauterine devices (IUDs) (18%). Ongoing media attention on breast implants may well have contributed to this. Additionally, MEBI published an overview last year of the reports about breast implants (in Dutch) it had received in the five years since its establishment. The remaining reports in 2023 concerned various implants such as hip prostheses, dental/jaw implants, inguinal hernia meshes, pelvic mesh implants and sterilisation coils.

Most reports by citizens

Both citizens and healthcare professionals can submit reports to MEBI via an online form. As in previous years, citizens submitted significantly more reports (282 reports) than healthcare professionals (13 reports) in 2023. MEBI encourages reports from both groups, as healthcare professionals can provide valuable insights based on their expertise.

Reporting side effects to MEBI is important

Implants must be safe. Reporting to MEBI can help ensure this. When many or unusual health problems are reported, MEBI will be able to detect potential connections between implants and health problems at an early stage and inform healthcare professionals, patients and the government.