Man receives COVID-19 vaccination at GGD vaccination site

Starting tomorrow, the first people in the age group from 80-84 years in the Netherlands will receive an invitation from RIVM for a COVID-19 vaccination. After that, they can make an appointment by contacting the national call centre of the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs). The first 50,000 people in this age group will receive a letter tomorrow. A total of 465,000 people aged 80-84 years will receive an invitation to get vaccinated in the next two weeks. They will be invited in order from old to young. It is important for people who want to be vaccinated to schedule an appointment as soon as possible after receiving the invitation.

Due to the decision to keep fewer vaccines in stock, more vaccines will be available in the next few weeks than previously planned. For that reason, the group of 80 to 84-year-olds will be invited for a vaccination starting tomorrow instead of on 9 February. The number of GGD vaccination sites will be increased in the near future, partly to provide better access for people who want to be vaccinated. A total of 240,000 elderly people can be vaccinated by the GGD in the next two weeks.

People aged 80 to 84 who live in a care institution or other residential facility will also receive an invitation from RIVM. They will also receive an invitation from their institution or GP (except for residents in assisted living facilities). If residents in institutions can travel independently to a GGD vaccination site, possibly accompanied by a loved one, they can make an appointment with the GGD. Otherwise, they can accept the invitation from the institution or their GP.

Vaccination starts today for second group of GPs 

Starting today, the vaccines will be distributed for the second group of general practitioners (7500), who will receive their first jab with the Moderna vaccine. The first group of GPs (7500) were vaccinated in hospitals from 22 January onwards. This second group had to wait for the second delivery of the vaccine from Moderna.