The vaccination figures published today in the RIVM report and on the Coronavirus Dashboard are higher than in previous weeks. Nearly 3.8 million vaccinations had been administered in the Netherlands by Sunday 11 April. Significantly more people were vaccinated last week. As of today, new vaccination data was included in the figures from GP practices again for the first time since vaccination with AstraZeneca was put on hold for people under 60 years old (since 2 April). Moreover, vaccine loss turns out to be much lower in practice than had initially been thought. Instead of 5% wastage, RIVM will therefore be using 1% wastage in its modelling calculations from now on. This updated figure will also be applied retroactively. 

Several more adjustments have been made in the scientific models used for calculations. For the AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, RIVM has now defined a time frame that vaccine doses are administered within 2 weeks after delivery. Due to its limited shelf life, the time frame for administering Pfizer/BioNTech is 5 days. That time frame previously varied depending on the different vaccinating organisations. These new calculations have been applied from week 13 on.

Vaccination data for the AstraZeneca vaccine 

Since the temporary hold on vaccinations, no new estimates had been added to the totals for GP practices, which are vaccinating with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Despite initial questions about vaccination acceptance among people over 60, after consultation with the Association of Dutch General Practitioners (LHV), the number of vaccine doses that were delivered are being included in the current calculations again as of today. GPs (and institutions) are now administering their supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine to all people over 60.

The new figures were also published on the coronavirus dashboard provided by the Dutch Government today.